Leadership Safari

On move in day when I saw there was a sign that said Team Aardvark on my door honestly, I had absolutely no idea what an Aardvark was. After watching the Leadership Safari video on orientation day and in the past I was so excited to see what this pre-week of College was going to be like. The thought of running through the tunnel of staff made me so happy to go to a university with so much life that’s engulfed by friendly people.

The first day I really wasn’t sure what to expect or look forward to since we started late in that day. Activities consisted of team building, fairness lunch, comedy and performance entertainment, and packing meals for the hungry. Another favorite of mine from Leadership Safari was Traditions day when we learned cheers and participated in a mock football game. Many sources of information were provided to me, and I now know where to go if I ever need anything.IMG_2285

I connected with people in my group that  I wouldn’t necessarily have met without Safari. At the end of the week a girl on my team said to me, “You were the first friend I made here at Central.” The thought of being that person for someone, I knew I was meant to be here.  I am so glad I got involved with other first year Chippewas. I couldn’t imagine CMU feeling like home without having participated in Leadership Safari.



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