Ignited In Spark Leadership

The Spark Leadership Series is a four week leadership development program designed for students to recognize his or her potential in leadership. I was in team collaboration and learned that my leadership style is spirited. Continuing to meet others who aren’t in LAS is very refreshing to know there are many others out there passionate about leadership on CMU’s campus. I surely have grown during and since attending Spark and I am very glad that I did.

My favorite activities at Spark were learning about my leadership style and different cultures. I think that learning about my leadership style as well as others styles well help me realize what I need to work on and why others act the way they do. I wasn’t very surprised that I am spirited leader because I am always very excited and encouraging to others. Collaborating with other leadership styles such as direct, considerate, and systematic; is what helps a group fuse together, successfully completing any task with different strengths together.


The final night of Spark Leadership there were two different cultures to participate in amongst all of us students. It was very interesting how different the contrasting cultures were and how hard it was to learn a new one. I was in Beta culture which had to trade cards to get all of the same color in ascending row of numbers. We had to speak in a different language which was very frustrating when trying to communicate and complete a task.I personally really appreciate my real world culture and learned to appreciate other cultures amongst their differences.


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