Not Everyday Do you Meet your University President!

On October 12th, the 2015 LAS cohort had the wonderful opportunity to meet the President of Central Michigan University, George Ross. People may think that meeting a University President may be very intimidating, but he was very relaxed and easy to talk to. The President absolutely loves the Impact the Leadership Institute has on the University as he says, “At the end of the day CMU graduates leaders.”

President Ross was one of twelve children in his family to graduate high school and also one out of twelve to graduate college. With those statistics in itself, it is amazing that he now holds his current position. He claims that his inspiration is his father whom was strongly devoted to his mom and helped their family overcome poverty.

In President Ross’ explanation of leadership he emphasizes the need to communicate with others around you. Communication truly is key in taking the initiative in any situation especially in your future. “Honestly, my favorite part of my job is just hanging out with you students.” says President Ross. I couldn’t ask for anything more than having the students at the forefront of his mind who come here to earn an education that will prepare them for life. The best advice he had was for us to remember why we are here, to get an education and graduate. Oh and study, study, study!



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