Connecting With Fellow CMU Leaders

When I first heard about my opportunity to attend the Connections Conference I was already super excited because it took place at Traverse City’s Great Wolf Lodge. The Conference’s goal was to provide a place to exchange ideas and further advance our campus organization, strengthen leadership assets, and meet new people. This was done through a variety of speakers, workshops, and interventions over the weekend.With my mentor Meredith telling me this was her favorite weekend from her freshman year and knowing I would spend time with my LAS cohort; I was excited becauseI knew it was going to be something special to remember.

I attended many great sessions at the Conference but one of my favorites was, Leadership  Withstanding the “Wrecking Ball”. During this session with Jon Reusch we learned how to use resources, communicate effectively, and prepare for improved outcomes. We were given materials to create a structure. This structure had to withstand ping pong balls being thrown at it as well as holding a water bottle in place. All participants made effective structures to withstand the ping pong balls and water bottle.

At the concluding of the building we learned that each material had representations in an organization. Such as general members, values, goals and aspirations, executive board, responsibility, burdens, and resources. We were shown an ideal structure in which general members were at the bottom where it started. This really hit home for me because I’ve been trying to find purpose with my involvement in hall council. A lot of people involved don’t realize the realize the reason we do what we do is to further benefit our community which is most important.


In other sessions I attended I learned about Diversity and Culture, Social Change in the Arts, as well as how to apply what I’ve learned back on campus. One of the members in my institute said something very wise that made me think, “Your possibilities may seem limited by truly they are limitless.” How powerful those words were really made me believe that I can make a difference. Whether that be in my organization or creating my own RSO that I’ve been aspiring, I will be sure to reach past my so called limits and reach the stars. I am so thankful for the opportunity to attend CMU’s Connections Conference. I learned so much about leadership and met so many great people, I will never forget it.


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