First words of Inspiration

One of the speakers that spoke at leadership safari that really impacted me was Ed Gerety, a leadership development speaker. One thing he stressed to us freshman and transfer students was showing gratitude. He called someone up on stage and asked him who he was grateful for. The boy said his mom, Ed had him call her and tell her how much he loved and appreciated her. Ed says, “Shout love from the rooftops!” You never know how long you’ll have someone left in your life, so expressing gratitude is very important to share to those you love. The next topic he spoke about was goal setting. Goals have to be structured with purpose to get fulfilled.

He asked another student to come up on stage and asked her , what her dream job was, where she wanted it to be, and at what age she wanted to achieve it at. She stated her dream job but was very apprehensive about the other two questions. She eventually answered them once he was serious about demanding the answer. “I want to be a journalist for the Morning Sun by age 22,” she finally said. Setting very high expectations for yourself will ensure very high accomplishments. It really got me thinking about my specific goals and what I expected of myself in the future.


I really enjoyed listening to Ed Gerety in my first week of college for he inspired me to lead with a purpose. By in this case showing gratitude and setting strict goals. After completing our Fred Factor Projects I realize how one groups project correlated with Ed’s speech about gratitude. LAS students approached people had them think of who they were thankful for, write 5 reasons why, and call them right there and then to tell them. Watching their presentation brought most of our class to tears. After watching this I decided to call someone who was important to me, my stepmom Holly. Having this conversation was so rewarding. She started to cry and by sharing this I just felt so much better. From Ed Gerety’s inspiration I hope to set goals and share gratitude more regularly.


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