Wounded Lead by my Hometown Hero

Staff Sergeant Travis Mills was just on another day of the job on tour in Afghanistan for the United States Army, when his life changed forever. He was severely injured by an IED losing all limbs. He is one of five soldiers from Afghanistan and Iraq to survive as a quadruple amputee. His incredible perseverance and dedication to his wife and daughter made him never give up. He lives by his motto, “Never Give up. Never Quit.” To those who may think they have no hope, Travis’ attitude in this trial shows others anything is possible. Travis now serves as a motivational speaker, actor, author, and advocate for veterans and amputees. In 2013 He founded the Travis Mills Foundation, a non-profit organization to assist wounded and injured veterans.

I believe Travis is current leader in this world not just because of the obstacles he has overcome, but how his tragedy has motivated him to serve and help others who are going through similar experiences. I personally am motivated to follow him because he served our country, along with sharing words of inspiration who are applicable to all people. The accident impacted me greatly because growing up in a small town everybody knows everybody. Travis came to our school multiple times and talked about his accident with such ease. Great humor, smile, and family support got him to where he is today. It is truly an honor to say that a quadruple amputee survivor who gives back comes from my hometown, Vassar.

Honored at our Homecoming, we gave Travis a jersey for our appreciation.

I admire Travis’ courage to keep going in this fight. I can’t imagine going through such an enduring circumstance, and he handled it with such grace. It almost seemed as if Travis became famous overnight after the accident. News outlets, book companies, and non-profit starters began contacting him with the hope of creating something larger out of this awful thing that had happened. He did just that, The Retreat is a homestead in Maine under construction to assist Veteran families. Recovery and reintegration will encompass outdoor activities such as boating, campfires, and spa relaxation. He has impacted me by realizing I could have it a whole lot worse. If I catch my self complaining, I want to stop as soon as I realize it because there’s no reason to bring myself down. Also, if something bad ever happens I want to make a good result to come out of it. Why endure a life changing experience without helping others through something you know all about?


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