I say “Yes” to Leadership!

When asked the question, does Leadership come from a yes or no, in my opinion it comes from a YES. Leadership is about inspiring others to achieve, and be the best versions of themselves that they are capable of. In some instances, in order to achieve that personal vision, you have to say YES to great opportunities to and NO to things that are holding you back. 1292675870-you-are-a-leader-for-facebook

Leadership may be a door open to experiences of growth, that hold opportunities to unlock passions you were unaware of. Saying yes to situations that may be out of your comfort zone, may lead you to somewhere you could’ve never imagined. No may come into play when you see obstacles in the way of your achieving. Perhaps if social media is distracting you from finishing your homework, or a friendship is leading you to addiction, you need to say no.

Overall, though in some instances you may have to say no, most of the time a Leader should say Yes! Exciting events and experiences lie outside of your door. The true leaders will jump out of bed and go running to find them. I believe Leadership is inspiring others to achieve, and be the best versions of themselves. Say yes to open doors and good things will come your way.


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