A World Motivated by Media

One of my Christmas Presents from my mentor was a guided Bucket List Journal. It’s filled with different challenges and questions to get you to write about things that are worth remembering. Including all of those things you want to do before you die. So far it has kept me on my toes helping me reach the next finish-line of goals set before me.

FullSizeRenderOne challenge I found that intrigued me in particular, was a technology fast. The examples were to not use internet outside of work or to not watch Television for a week. Social Media is the technology outlet I chose that I had been thinking about a lot lately. For seven days I would not use social media including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Snapchat stories.

I was excited as well as nervous for this challenge. It hit me how often I turn to these outlets for a source of entertainment, sometimes way too often for long periods of time. I thought about all the things I would now have the chance to do with the time I wasn’t on social media. When I told others of my ‘fast’ some said why?, I replied with, “Why not?” Everyday at the end’s close I would write in my journal how I spent my time for the day. Homework completion, social events, exercise, and many more things filled these pages.

During this past week I’ve realized how much technology drives our world around. On my way to class, nearly half of the people I see are on their phones as they travel to their destination. I personally love to look at nature and pay attention to my surroundings during this time and reflect. It’s such a short time being on a small campus, can’t students put their phones away for a few minutes on their walk? I’ve learned to appreciate the little things. Sometimes when I was engaging in conversation I’d also be looking at my phone while listening. I’m going to make it my goal to pay attention to those I interact with because those relationships are far more valuable than anything I may be looking at on my phone.

It nearly saddens me how the young generation of this world are so motivated by media. So a girl posts a picture on Instagram, she’s looking at it every second to get approval from her peers. Some feed off likes and post something just to get attention, or if likes are not in their favor, perhaps their self-esteem may lower. Someone’s like on social media has no real meaning it’s personal relationships in face-to-face interaction that make the difference.

After this challenge I’ve now successfully completed, I hope to severely alter my social media habits. Perhaps I’ll limit my use by setting a specific time period of use. A friend asked me how my social media challenge was going and she said she’d started too. I hope that me testing myself will inspire others to test their use of media in their lives as well.


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