The American Experience

As a Leader Advancement Scholar part of our protocol includes taking courses focused on leadership as a cohort. I’ve never really been a history buff so when entering this class I was a bit intimidated. This course was also my first class with the title writing intensive attached behind it. I’ve always really enjoyed writing but hearing the stress that came along with this class I was a bit apprehensive.

When thinking back upon my journey through my HST 110, I really think that my outlook upon leadership has changed especially regarding leadership qualities and experiences. Ms. Tobin asked our class, “What qualities do you look for in a President?” I had never thought about specifically the position of president and what I thought the necessary qualities they should possess. Leaders didn’t just give one speech or write one document and their will was done. They worked hard to make a difference and went through many hardships to publish results. Our country has been shaped by many tremendous leaders who indeed did CHANGE THE WORLD.


One of the most difficult aspects of this class was writing on a subject that I’m not familiar with and still trying to meet a professor’s expectations. In high school I was never graded as harshly as I have experienced grading in college, so it’s tough getting beat down for something you put a lot of effort into. Because of my experience I learned that it’s okay to feel like you don’t know everything. As Ms. Tobin said, we aren’t history majors so if we mess up a few times we’ll just come out from a learning experience! After taking this class I will appreciate historical information and realize how it impacts our world. Recognizing events that occur in today’s world, shape the history books of the future. I hope that incoming days result in brighter tomorrow’s and I hope to be a part of that influence.


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