Defining Detroit

A lot of people from Michigan know Detroit for it’s sports teams or the auto industry. But these things aren’t those that give the city a bad reputation. The poverty, crime, and race are such. The weeks approaching the Leadership Advancement Scholar service trip to Detroit has us raising some questions. What is Detroit today and where do we want it to be in the future? If not now, then when will we see an end to all this pain? It’s not enough to do nothing, it’s time for us to do something.

In preparation for this trip in LDR 200 we have been learning about how Detroit has become the city it is today. It began during the time of segregation when a wall was placed between the black and white communities. Then urbanization occurred and the whites relocated, blacks moved into their community. The government intentionally made the mortgages and property expensive therefore harder for blacks to live in this area. We reflected upon aspects of our lives that define us who we are as well as our awareness of these in situations we encounter.

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 4.16.11 PMI believe that this service trip relates to the purpose of the Leadership Institute. Our facilitating activities will help us experience leadership roles. The places we will be serving will open our eyes to how challenging our society is. By volunteering our time to serve Detroit I think we have a hand in improving others quality of life. Our good intentions of influencing the Jalen Rose Students and completing service projects, will benefit those around us through our good intentions.

I hope to grow as individual on this trip by coming outside of my shell and learning to facilitate activities confidently. I really hope my eyes will be opened to all the issues in Detroit, planting a desire to serve local areas who hurt. Bonding with my LAS cohort, learning about social issues, and making an action toward restoring the city of Detroit excites me. I can’t wait to see how as a leader I can impact others through service.


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