Freshman Year of College… Check!

It's hard to believe that I graduated from high school about a year ago. And now here I stand as I've finished my first year of college at CMU. WOO HOO! I haven't quite experienced a life change like moving to college before. Away from home, meeting new friends, and tackling a whole new level of classes, …

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Leadership Theory Application

A requirement and wonderful opportunity presented to me as a LAS scholar is to complete 30 community service or volunteer hours a year. I would complete these hours even if it wasn't a requirement. I believe that it's our duty to serve to causes we believe in. To put our effort in where it is …

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Nice to Meet you, Leadership!

"Enter a learner, exit a leader" -Jalen Rose Entering my second semester of college I was more than excited to be enrolled in another leadership course entitled, Introduction to Leadership. Opposed to LDR 100, this was a three hour course taught by a different instructor, Jesi Ekonen. Jesi is the assistant director of the Leadership …

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