Nice to Meet you, Leadership!

“Enter a learner, exit a leader”

-Jalen Rose

Entering my second semester of college I was more than excited to be enrolled in another leadership course entitled, Introduction to Leadership. Opposed to LDR 100, this was a three hour course taught by a different instructor, Jesi Ekonen. Jesi is the assistant director of the Leadership Institute and prior to this class I hadn’t had to interact with her much. I was very excited to get to know her and learn more about my LAS cohort as well.

Many students in my cohort have had previous leadership experiences before attending Central such as MASC/ MAHS camp, HOSA, My Lead, or other leadership classes in high school. I came from a very small high school who unfortunately didn’t offer many of these opportunities. I was very involved in many clubs and organizations and loved leading others to success. The summer before attending college I went to Leadership Camp offered at CMU for high school seniors and juniors. There we were introduced to many leadership principles and the social change model. I learned that I have the potential to make a difference in this world just being one person. With this previous training I was so excited to learn even more during this course!

In LDR 200 we were required to facilitate leadership initiatives and workshops to our class on different theories and types of leadership approaches. I really enjoyed the style of the class because in order to teach material, we really have to learn it. Usually I get discouraged during group projects, but I enjoyed the time I got to bond with different members of my cohort while pursuing an objective. After our LAS in the D trip I felt much more comfortable with facilitation. Facilitating activities isn’t intimidating unless you make it out to be that way. I’m excited that it’s now our turn to hold positions in the Leadership Institute and lead the 2016 cohort. I have a voice and I’m excited to use it with much energy, because Leadership is exciting!

Jesi, and her teaching assistants Bri and Brad did a phenomenal job organizing this course. I feel as if I am much closer with my cohort after going through LDR 200 and my knowledge on leadership has grown tremendously. Now I’m excited to go put what I’ve learned into action.


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