Freshman Year of College… Check!

It’s hard to believe that I graduated from high school about a year ago. And now here I stand as I’ve finished my first year of college at CMU. WOO HOO! I haven’t quite experienced a life change like moving to college before. Away from home, meeting new friends, and tackling a whole new level of classes, that I’m actually interested in! Despite the life changes, I’ve GROWN so much as a leader and a person. They say that you really find yourself in college, and hey, I think they are right!

  •  Throughout the year I’ve learned that when there are others willing to speak in a group, I am perfectly content with taking the role of a follower and being quiet. This is quite different from my extroverted, spirited self in high school. I believe this behavior is due to being uncomfortable in situations. Overtime I believe I’ll learn to use my voice more and embrace my personality more often 🙂
  • In the past I’ve held leadership experience but none that have required facilitation. In LDR 200 we focused on learning how to teach, get others to think, and process concepts of activities. Participating in the LI’s K-12 Leadership training has also given me some experience. I hope to take on more leadership roles in the future to enhance my facilitation skills.
  • Oh no, not another group project! Working with others isn’t as bad as everyone makes it out to be. Different situations make for adapting to others needs by considering all members leadership styles. We will all have co-workers, friends, and different types of people to work with in our lives. All different personalities and leadership styles make the puzzle come together.

“Raise your hand if your a leader of tomorrow. Put it down. YOU’RE A LEADER OF TODAY!” The words of Dan Gaken on LAS competition day will stick with me forever. I’ve really realized that I have the power to make a difference. Whether that’s on campus, at home, the workplace, or globe what we do has an impact on this world. I’ve learned the importance of sharing leadership with others. It’s about good intentions, relationships, responsibility, community, self improvement, honesty, adventure and so many more. Leadership opens doors that could be left unopened without any effort.

Roommates of Barnes 311 🙂

Now with the title Sophomore, I’m happy to share a few more of my growing experiences with you. I could not have been more blessed with the friendships I’ve formed this year. It’s hard to imagine not spending the summer all together, but I know that we can keep these memories with us. Distance brings relationships closer. Don’t get me wrong I’ve had difficult times, but I now share stronger bonds with many of my best friends and family members than before I came to college. In addition to leadership and relationships, I have grown in my relationship with Christ. Attending worship and events at His House has definitely challenged my faith in a positive way. I now know the importance of sharing the Lord with my brothers and sisters in addition to leadership.

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