A Summer for the Books

Entering into the another summer at home I had pretty high expectations for myself. Although I was very excited to get back to work, I also wanted to go new places, try new things with old friends, and just GROW. I was very excited to come back to CMU this fall but since the summer of 2016 was so great it was almost bittersweet. Here are a few things I learned and hope to carry with me into this next season of life.

  1. Good things come to those who wait

At 17, I started working at Bavarian Inn Restaurant in Frankenmuth as a Hostess. Whenever I share with others that I work at the “chicken place” they get so excited and tell me of all of their traditions and family gatherings at my workplace. I’ve learned a lot about leadership working with others during my time as a busser, assistant, and lead hostess, but I found my self still looking for a new challenge.

img_3671In June I started my training to be a server. Contrary to other restaurants, our training process is extended across a three week period. Our menu contains a three course meal that requires a lot of hard (and heavy) work throughout the day. One of the things I was most excited for was to take home some more cash to pay for school. Becoming a server made me appreciate how kind people make up for the not-so-nice customers. I love being a part of families/tourists experience in Frankenmuth and adding positivity to my workplace in more ways than just one. I had been waiting for this promotion for sometime now, so I was very grateful to finally have been given this opportunity this summer.

2. Adventure is everywhere

On top of my busy work schedule, I knew that I wanted to have time to get away, relax, and discover both new and old places in Michigan with some of my favorite people. I crossed off two destinations/excursions on my travel bucket list to climb the sleeping bear dunes and kayak along the pictured rocks. My mom and I have always loved spontaneous day trips to different places in the state.  I was so happy to block Fridays off from my work schedule, to make sure that these very much NECESSARY travels took place with her and other friends.

3. Relationships only work if you do

Coming home after a year of college, I knew I had some catching up to do with my friends at home, but at the same time I also didn’t want to lose sight of the friendships I’d made at CMU. After a week of moving out of my dorm, I already made it a priority to meet friends all over the state if that meant we could catch up for even just an hour. The transition from spending every day with someone to not seeing them for a few months was definitelimg_3743y tough. The people I met in my first year are some of the most inspiring humans I’ve ever met. I knew that if I wanted them to know how important they were to me I was going to have to make it show.

I had also been blessed with getting to know my wonderful Mentee Molly by meeting up a few times. As a sophomore LAS scholars, we are paired up with a freshman to mentor them through their first year of college. The more and more I talk with Molly the more I realize how similar we are. I am so excited to spend the year with her at CMU!

img_3624 In addition to friendships, it was so great to spend time with family this summer. I gained a step-dad when my mom married her now husband,Aaron. Seeing my mom happy again was probably one of the best things I could have ever asked for. Aaron’s fun-loving demeanor is a great addition to our personalities and I was very happy to welcome him and his kids, Brandon and Maddie into our family. Not only did I gain them but also two sets of grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. As they say, the more the merrier right?!

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