Morality on our Shoulders

Walking into the first day of Philosophy 118, the only prior knowledge of the course I held was that our professor Gary Fuller was quite a character. And on that first day I learned that a character he is. Mr. Fuller is so intelligent and aware of moral problems that affect us in our daily lives, that he almost has trouble explaining his knowledge to us students.

Abortion. Euthanasia. Capital Punishment. Homosexual marriage. Hooking Up. Affirmative Action. Economic Justice. Torture. Terrorism. Drugs. Animal Experimentation. Half of the topics we discussed in class I had only vaguely been aware of and not taken a precise position on. After completing this course, I have learned more about these moral issues and how others reasons for or against their position can affect your formerly raised stance.

screen-shot-2016-12-31-at-12-17-03-amPhilosophy 118 made me learn that sometimes you will be the only one standing on your side of the battlefield fighting for what you believe in. It’s important to learn about your position and be able to explain WHY your position is a valid one. I know that the things I value may be different from that of my classmates. That is okay,  I respect their opinion and enjoy hearing their reasoning for taking their position; and sometimes it’s good to be challenged. Sometimes I struggle putting my thoughts and feelings into words for others to consider my viewpoint. In order to put my beliefs into action, this course made me realize the importance of learning to communicate my reasons for or against certain moral issues.

With this new found responsibility, as the young generation it is our responsibility to inform those around us about moral issues we are facing today and may face in the future. We need to continue to make morally just decisions that will affect us and many people for generations to come in our everyday lives. I hope to continue to be informed, and inform others about moral issues by taking a stance and explaining my position intelligently after this Philosophy course.



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