How many dresses would it take?

Wearing a dress everyday of December sounds a little silly right? Well when you know your effort is benefiting a worthy cause it was a sacrifice I was willing to take. Dressember is a nonprofit organization that raises awareness and fights against human trafficking worldwide. As a Dressember participant I stood as a symbol for those who cannot speak for themselves. Femininity and womanhood is something that should be celebrated but in the case of human trafficking, it is not. Wearing a dress everyday of December made me empathize with victims of modern day slavery. Women are held against their will and are traded for forced labor and sex trafficking. I figured if I was a bit cold, there were many other women that were suffering much more than I was.

Here are just a few facts regarding the issue:

  • 27 million are in bondage across the globe
  • 1-2 % of victims are ever rescued
  • The average age of a trafficking victim is 12 years old

At first I was a bit nervous about finding enough dresses to wear for 31 days of the month. But I borrowed some from friends and could mix up my wardrobe with different sweaters, tights, boots, and accessories. In addition to raising awareness of this issue the goal is to raise funds while participating as well. I posted on Facebook the link to my fundraising page and also emailed family members to find support in my efforts. In my LAS cohort I also administered a candy cane sale from the mentors to the mentees to share some Christmas cheer and raise money for a good cause.

By participating in Dressember I learned about a very important issue and helped in an effort that is bigger than myself. There are many serious issues and people that need saving in this world and I’m humbled to have assisted in one of them. I will continue to dedicate myself to the service of others and be uncomfortable when I’d rather not be in order to benefit those who are in need. After all, Christmas isn’t about what you get but rather what you can GIVE to others.


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