Privileged Perspective

Being a white middle-class heterosexual Christian female I never have exactly been forced to recognize how privileged I am. Taking the course ‘Oppression: Roots and Impact’ I didn’t really know what to expect. A lot of the differences we face amongst those around us seem like common sense to us. The physical differences we see on the outside differ greatly from the systemic, institutional, hidden emotional and organizational differences that we face. Our sex, class, age, sexual orientation, race, and abilities affect how we are perceived and what goods or services that are available to us.

America isn’t free. Unequal wealth distribution, racial profiling, and many other social barriers divide our country instead of uniting us as one. Being able to vote for the first time this years election and having a say in who is elected as our leaders, makes me wish I could do more. After completing this course, my perspective on our world, institutions, and people has been stretched. As J K Rowling states in the quote above, I believe it is my responsibility to give what I can to those in need and fight for what I believe in. If I can use my skills and talents to help those who have less than I do, I am obliged to do so.

I am studying Public Relations and hope to someday work for a nonprofit organization. This course just fired me up to continue to get my education and improve the quality of life for those around me. Yes, using my degree for it’s intent is ideal, but promoting social change and making a difference is my real goal. And if Public Relations can do that for me then great, and if not, great! I look forward to see where my future leads me and only God knows where the path will lead. For now I’ll continue working hard and fighting for issues that I am passionate about and I’ll leave the rest in God’s hands.


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