The JOY of writing a Letter

English papers have never been my favorite, and I didn’t exactly enjoy reading at a young age for that matter either. Whenever someone told me I had to do one of these things I absolutely dreaded it and tried to stay away from it as often as possible. Until something sparked in me this past year. Something about getting my feelings out on paper and writing really REALLY fast until my hand hurt was actually, freeing.

If we often think about how much we communicate over a screen you might get a bit depressed about it. Yes any interaction that is not face-to-face is not quite the same but I find that writing a letter and seeing one’s emotion, handwriting, and dedication makes you feel that much closer to that other person.

As much as I talked about the things I dislike about writing and reading there are a few I actually enjoy. I love making lists: bucket lists, accomplishment lists, inspiration lists. Any list you name it, I like it. I also love filling out applications and completing secretary organization work. I like writing for factual detail such as a journalism article or broadcasting script. Although I am quite new to the field, my future career will entail this type of writing. Lastly, I enjoy writing letters whether that be to strangers, friends, family members, or myself. Showing gratitude, catching up, or throwing a new idea at someone is so reflective and I feel so much better after completing a letter being able to read it over and see my personality shine through it.

With my new found passion for writing letters I joined an organization here at CMU called “A Letter for Better”. We are an organization that writes letters and hopes to spread positivity through our writing. We often write to strangers (whom we find addresses off of WhitePages) or specific organizations. I have met many kind people who also enjoy writing and want to leave a positive impact on this world. I have the honor of serving as PR and social chair for A Letter for Better. Screen Shot 2017-02-07 at 4.46.50 PM.png

After writing a letter we encourage the recipient to reply to us. Although I have never gotten a reply, I know that my effort has not been wasted. A letter can convey a multitude of messages that can positively affect someone. Perhaps it changed their outlook or increased their faith in the people of this world. If someone does not have the courage to respond to my letters, I will keep on writing for I know that positivity and personality can go a long way. I’m so thankful for this opportunity to be a part of A Letter for Better for my personal reflection time, a time to impact others, and to share my love of writing with those around me. I hope to continue to grow this organization and share with others how I have been impacted by the JOY of writing a letter.


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