The Ted behind “Teddy”

So as you can imagine I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve been asked what Teddy is short for, if it’s my real name, and if my last name is bear. Although I may grumble about it from time to time about these questions,  I’ve been so blessed with such a unique name as Teddy. I am more than proud to say I recieved my name from my grandpa, Ted, who is such a wonderful man that I admire for his numerous qualities that make him, him.

He is Devoted

Ever since I was little, my grandma has had a hard time getting around and has hadscreen-shot-2017-02-12-at-9-11-24-pm numerous health issues. Sometimes this requires a bit of extra patience and attention that my grandpa is always willing to give. These things range from everyday tasks like getting out of a chair to putting on her shoes. Or anytime that she was in the hospital, there was not a day that he didn’t stop by to visit and ensure she was getting the care she needed. This past year my grandpa and grandma celebrated their 64th wedding anniversary. His love and devotion to her will never grow old and his actions show the quality of his heart. I hope that I can find a husband as devoted to me someday as my grandpa Ted is to my grandma Betty.

He is Persistent

My grandpa is a dairy farmer who gets up at extreme hours to go out to the barn and milk, groom fields and tend to other duties. Being a farmer and having to rely on spontaneous Michigan weather can be rough sometimes. But you must remain faithful that you will reap a good harvest and continue to push through even when the future might look bleak. As much as he might be struggling with life’s circumstances, he always keeps a positive attitude and smile. The farm is ran primarily by my grandpa, Aunt Mary, Uncle Tim, and cousin Travis. Running a 500 acre farm is more than a four person job, but they manage to successfully work together and get the job done. Working on the farm exemplifies my grandpa’s desire to remain fruitful and provide for his family.

He is Goofy 

Whether it’s playing with animals or just bouncing ideas off of each other my grandpa always seems to make light of a situation to get people laughing. Just watching him interact animals makes me smile. He always tries to trick them and giggles as they struggle to get his attention, or more often a treat. His love for animals explains why he is such a great farmer and loves interacting with livestock.

I am so honored to have been named after such a devoted, persistent, goofy man I am proud to call my grandpa. Every time I get asked about my name, I’m so excited to share that it originates from the original Ted. I’m so thankful for the relationship I’ve had the chance to develop with my grandpa over the years and even more thankful to share a name with someone as great as he is.




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