She’s “Meant-to-be” my Mentee

Near the end of my Freshman year I had the honor of selecting a mentee to guide through their first year of college. Although I was very excited to have the opportunity to mentor a fellow LAS scholar I was a bit nervous because at the time I was still trying to figure out college myself, let alone answer questions and guide someone else through the process.

Her name is Molly Gadola. I remember on LAS competition day I felt so pressured to find the perfect mentee that I didn’t get the chance to enjoy as much of the day as I had hoped for because I was so anxious about being a mentor. Then I met Molly. She was super spunky and enthusiastic and I was really engaged by our conversation. She told me about her love for Jesus and singing and that was when I knew we would get along perfectly. I could see her fitting in with our family tree and Anna, Meredith and I were so ready for our next edition.

It’s been such a privilege to watch Molly grow over her first year at CMU. Molly is majoring in  elementary education with a math concentration and minoring in leadership. I admire her love for kids and know she is going to be a wonderful teacher someday. The way she interacts with others shows her love in her smile and laugh which causes others to want to spend time with her. She is a triple legacy of her sorority AXO following in her mom and grandma’s footsteps. We also get the chance to share community His House Christian Fellowship and in our lifegroup. Just this last week Molly was accepted into the Disney College Program and will spend a semester working at Walt Disney World with college students from across the country!

I always want Molly to know how proud I am of her and what an honor it is to be her Mentor. College isn’t easy no matter how old you are and it’s been so wonderful to form a friendship that I know I can always count on. We try to check in with each other on a regular basis and grab a meal, get our nails done, or the occasional meijer trip. Molly has taught me so much about life. She’s taught me to be silly, laugh, and to enjoy every moment. She’s taught me that not everything comes easy but the growth is what matters. Most importantly Molly’s taught me how being a mentor isn’t a one-way relationship but beneficial for both parties.

Much thanks goes to LAS and CMU for joining us together in friendship. I cannot wait to watch Molly continue to grow in so many ways over the next four years. I know she will be an amazing mentor and cannot wait to meet my soon G Mentee. I look forward to see how God takes our futures in his hands and makes them what he desires to be. And I know that we were “Meant-to-be” mentor and mentee and that it doesn’t end after our college years.


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