Words a Leader Chooses

One of the final classes we are required to take as an LAS Cohort is COM 461 (Communication in Leadership) taught by Dr. Carlson. After taking many leadership geared courses I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect of this course as the semester started but was looking forward to learning with my fellow LAS scholars by my side. The classroom environment that Dr. Carlson is very unique. She absolutely LOVES communication and loves teaching which made me very excited to come to class everyday.

It is often said that communication and leadership go hand in hand. What is the difference between the two anyway? One can be a leader and be given a position of authority but the manner in which you communicate and interact with your followers determines how effective your leadership truly is. At the beginning of the course, our class individually spoke of times that we felt ineffective as a leader. As the semester progressed, we took what we know about leadership and discussed the circumstances of real life events and how they rated on our personal scale of leadership effectiveness. These discussions gave us a chance to facilitate conversation and engage in guided conversation with a number of different perspectives and life experiences.

Many of our daily interactions involve communication and we often dismiss the fact that all of the details have a method behind them. I have enjoyed learning about communication this semester and how it affects how we lead. I look forward to taking what I’ve learned in this course and applying it to my relationships, group projects, and organizations to come.

Over the past two years all of the members of my cohort have grown in tremendous ways. We’ve all figured out how to “do” college and have spread far in wide emerging ourselves in our majors, organizations, and interests that are all special in their own ways. Learning how to communicate and lead effectively will take us a long way.  I’m looking forward to see what we do with the skills we’ve learned in the courses the LAS program has provided for us to develop as leaders and in community.

SPEAK in such a way that others want to LISTEN to you.

LISTEN in such a way that others love to SPEAK to you.


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