We are DIS Lead Team

Diversity, Service, and Inclusion. When you hear these words, what comes to your mind? Often the three lie in an “ideal” world that we want to create: a world in which everyone is valued, aware of injustices, and willing to get there hands dirty for those in need. We are DIS Lead Team. A group of scholars who want to make the world a better place, a more loving a cohesive community.

As a member of DIS lead team I participated in a number of service and on campus events to promote diversity. During football season we hosted an LAS and MAC (Multi-cultural advancement) scholar tailgate before a CMU football game to promote collaboration amongst fellow Chippewas. The event consisted of a photo booth, corn hole, cooking decorating, tattoo station, and of course, food! It was awesome to see many classes of LAS and MAC scholars gathered in the same room for a common cause. Overall I think the event was quite successful although I think there is always room for improvement!

I few other involvements we immersed in were volunteering for the rotating homeless shelter in Mt. Pleasant along with me personally participating in Dressember. Dressember is an anti-trafficking campaign that takes place during the month of December to fundraise for and raise awareness of the issue of human trafficking our modern day slavery. Both experiences opened my eyes to issues of this world and what I can do to fight against them.

I enjoyed working with fellow LAS scholars on DIS Lead team who recognize the need for a better world. Working with others who share common interests and are passionate about similar things makes the work you do for what you believe in not seem like work. Being a member of DIS Lead team has opened my eyes to what needs to be done on this campus and in this world to create a more loving and inviting community for all people. It starts with us here, and now. Are you apart of creating a world that you want to live in?


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