Changes for the Chippewas

In my public relations writing class I was asked the question, “If I was the highest leader of Central Michigan University and could make any changes I wanted what three would you make?”

  1. University Events will occur on weekends so students can freely attend with their busy schedules

College students are perhaps some of the busiest humans on the planet you will ever meet. We take classes, get involved, become professional, desire to be fit, have close relationships and oh, did I mention also mentally sane? There are many personal desires we aim to fulfill and others we are told we need to achieve to be successful. College is known as the best years of our lives. But as we are running from meetings to class and other sorts, do we even have time to have fun? I personally have no extra time during the week to go to any events the university puts on because of my busy schedule. I believe moving these events to the weekends will result in better student participation across the student body and more opportunity for a fun, relaxing event that is not engraved into my planner.

2. All student organization e-board members are required to attend Leadership Institute training

I became a part of the Leadership Institute as a college freshman when I received the Leader Advancement Scholarship. The knowledge and application I have learned from the Leadership Institute have positively impacted my experience and my ability to lead. I have a better understanding of who I am, how I work, and how I can adapt to better serve those around me. I believe requiring executive board members to attend an LI training session will result in happier members and an overall more successful organization. This knowledge of leadership is not only applicable to college life but after as well. We will all be in a place where we have to lead in our future careers, so why not start now and truly execute the statement “CMU Graduates Leaders?”

3. Tuition rates would be more realistic and empathize with the finances of a college student

As a junior, I have had the opportunity to move off campus and live in an apartment this year. I have been so astounded by the amount of money I have saved not living in the dorms and having a meal plan. Almost six thousand dollars. Not all college students get financial assistance to attend college and the amount of cost that goes into attending this university to get an education can be outrageous. While college students are in the richest third of the population, I believe we should have empathy shown towards us. I shouldn’t have to pay 15 dollars for a bottle of laundry detergent, five dollars to send paper transcripts, or 10 extra dollars to print off my assignments. I believe lowering tuition costs to a realistic charge will result in happier and less stressed students.

Unfortunately I don’t have the power to make these decisions at this time. But I believe if we express our concerns loud enough leadership might listen and make a change.



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