On Mission to SERVE

I attend His House Christian Church at CMU and as a part of the ministry, students serve on Spring Break mission trips across the U.S. Mission trips are a way to serve, share the name of Jesus and pause for spiritual growth. Last year I had the privilege to go on a trip to Columbia, South Carolina. The trip opened my eyes to the power of Jesus. I saw God work in incredible ways. God had placed it my heart to get baptized, and the week concluded by being surrounded by a wave of grace.

This fall I recieved a call asking if I’d be willing to lead a Spring Break mission trip. The enemy is really good at filling our minds with “what if” or you’re not good enough scenarios. Despite the unknown, with prayer I decided to trust God and serve him. I shortly after found out that I would be leading a trip to Colorado Springs! It was so strange because I had always wanted to travel to Colorado, but I didn’t know why. Here was my answer.

Screen Shot 2018-03-27 at 6.21.20 PM.pngOn March 2nd 15 students loaded up in a van and hit the road to Colorado. The drive is about 20 hours but snoozes, sweat and good conversation brought our group together quite quickly. During the week we served with two organizations. The first, Bear Trap Ranch is a Christian Retreat Center nestled in the Rocky Mountains. We had the privilege of staying, eating and serving with this wonderful God centered ranch. Throughout the week we did a variety of projects including restoring cabins, folding laundry, chopping wood and demolition.

The second organization, Family Life Services helps single mom’s and their families get back on their feet through a mentorship and youth program. We were able to help clean up campus by doing some yard work and garage organization. Later we helped with their youth program by cooking dinner for the kids, playing with them and repurposing gathering spaces.

Screen Shot 2018-03-27 at 6.21.34 PM.pngThere is something very humbling about serving in the mountains, away from all the chaos and having limited cell phone service. I realized that I don’t have to receive credit for anything I do, but that it will bring glory to God. Throughout the week, service was challenging often doing repeated tasks. I prayed that God would help me remember why I am serving and that I would not focus on solely how I am serving.

Before going on this trip, I was very uneasy about what my role looked like as a leader. Each night to end our group devotion time we shared testimonies with each other. A testimony is our life story and how we found Jesus. Many people came to me uncertain about what their testimony was or just super nervous to share it. God used me to talk and pray with these people, and they delivered their stories beautifully. I learned how  valuable testimonies are and how they should be shared more often.



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