Relations build a FOUNDATION

The spring semester of my freshman year I decided to change my major from Broadcasting and Cinematic Arts to Integrative Public Relations. Although I was very excited for this transition, I was also a bit overwhelmed because with that my extra-curricular involvements would have to follow suit and alter as well. I heard of an …

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Wounded Lead by my Hometown Hero

Staff Sergeant Travis Mills was just on another day of the job on tour in Afghanistan for the United States Army, when his life changed forever. He was severely injured by an IED losing all limbs. He is one of five soldiers from Afghanistan and Iraq to survive as a quadruple amputee. His incredible perseverance and …

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Connecting With Fellow CMU Leaders

When I first heard about my opportunity to attend the Connections Conference I was already super excited because it took place at Traverse City's Great Wolf Lodge. The Conference's goal was to provide a place to exchange ideas and further advance our campus organization, strengthen leadership assets, and meet new people. This was done through a …

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