I am pursuing my Bachelor of Arts at Central Michigan University. I have decided to major in Public Relations because I first intended on being a news anchor with a Broadcasting (BCA) major. I knew that I liked to talk in front of people and have always enjoyed watching the news. The spring semester of my freshman year I was a reporter for News Central 34 CMU’s student-run news station. I really enjoyed my experience but learned that I didn’t like “searching” for news and that I really wasn’t into production either. I took an introductory IPR class and learned that it was very similar to broadcasting. The IPR major is a combination of Journalism, Communications, and Broadcasting. With this major I will have many more career opportunities than if I were to continue with BCA.

Many people ask, “What is Public Relations?” As defined by the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) “Public Relations is a communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics.” I hope to work for a non-profit someday in PR. I believe working for a non-profit will help me have a hand in changing some of the issues there are in this world. I do not yet know what type of non-profit I would like to work for but am in the process of trying to figure it out.

I am minoring in Leadership mostly due to being a Leader Advancement Scholar. All classes in the protocol are geared to the minor besides the capstone LDR 402. I really enjoy leadership and feel very fortunate to have the chance to graduate with this minor because most universities do not have a leadership minor available. This should make me stand out in the career field.