Open your eyes and SEE

As a member of the Diversity Service and Inclusion LEAD team we were encouraged to volunteer at the local rotating homeless shelter in Mt. Pleasant. The shelter is put on by the Isabella County Restoration House who teams with local churches and organizations to house and feed those in need. I worked two shifts at the …

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She’s “Meant-to-be” my Mentee

Near the end of my Freshman year I had the honor of selecting a mentee to guide through their first year of college. Although I was very excited to have the opportunity to mentor a fellow LAS scholar I was a bit nervous because at the time I was still trying to figure out college …

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How many dresses would it take?

Wearing a dress everyday of December sounds a little silly right? Well when you know your effort is benefiting a worthy cause it was a sacrifice I was willing to take. Dressember is a nonprofit organization that raises awareness and fights against human trafficking worldwide. As a Dressember participant I stood as a symbol for …

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