Leadership Theory Application

A requirement and wonderful opportunity presented to me as a LAS scholar is to complete 30 community service or volunteer hours a year. I would complete these hours even if it wasn't a requirement. I believe that it's our duty to serve to causes we believe in. To put our effort in where it is …

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Ignited In Spark Leadership

The Spark Leadership Series is a four week leadership development program designed for students to recognize his or her potential in leadership. I was in team collaboration and learned that my leadership style is spirited. Continuing to meet others who aren't in LAS is very refreshing to know there are many others out there passionate …

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What a Treat it is to be a Mentee!

On the morning of September 12th, both the Freshman and Sophomore LAS classes filled the Barnes Hall lobby as we awaited our retreat to Eagle Village. The purpose of this retreat is to make connections with our fellow classmates and mentors while exploring leadership. Each Freshman is assigned a Sophomore mentor to help them through their …

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