I’m not afraid anymore

Completing capstones, juggling passions and somewhere in between applying for jobs. The first few weeks of school have opened my eyes to how fast this whole college thing flies by. I can't help but think back to my freshman self, wide-eyed and ready to experience the world of college, yet unable to grasp this beautiful …

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Bearing Fruit (or Roses!)

I walk past a line of rose bushes in front of my house every day. I never really focus on them because I am just so focused on getting through the door. Until about a month after living here, when my dad mentioned that I should trim the old buds off so new come in …

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Living Life and Loving Jesus

His House Christian Church has been a foundational part of my faith through my college journey. There's been nights at church services, women's events and leader gatherings where I simply don't feel like leaving. Through tears, trials and growth two things that have remained constant: My Savior and my community. I don't know any better …

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