Dear You: Navigating a New Season

Anxious. Excited. Nervous. Uncertain. Lonely. Confident. Weary. Joyful. All of these are feelings I experienced during my transition from college to post-grad life. Transitioning from one season to another comes with its own unique set of challenges. But for me, this shift has brought more challenge and unexpected feelings than I originally anticipated. As I finished …

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Looking through a new lens

Do you ever wonder about people who were in your life for just a little sliver of time? Who you said hello to in the hallway or who's giggles you heard off in the distance? I'm sitting in my new apartment enjoying an all unfamiliar season of post-grad life when two girls from high school …

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Hats off to Team Fruit Bat

This fall I had the wonderful opportunity to guide a group of ten incoming Chippewas through their first week of college through a wonderful program called Leadership Safari. Leadership Safari is a program for freshman and transfer students to get to know themselves, each other and all of the opportunities CMU has to offer through …

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